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Cleandeer is a brand created with the idea of perfect cleanliness in mind. As the founding partners of the company we both cherish order and harmony. We truly believe that our day to day cleanliness transfers into better results in every other aspect of our lives. We are true perfectionists when it comes to cleaning and this is what we expect from our employees as well. We don’t accept compromises and half-done jobs, which are very common amongst many other cleaning companies. Top quality in every area of our business has been our priority from day one, which is why within two years we have managed to gain many significant clients who use our services on a regular basis. Initially, we have mainly focused on servicing dental practices as their cleanliness requirements are extremely high however due to high interest from other commercial clients as well as individuals we decided to expand our offer. The move to start offering our services to other businesses and private clients turned out to be a good one, especially that we have been receiving feedback that the market had lacked someone offering high standard services such as ours. Our company would be nothing without you – our clients. It is thanks to you that we have achieved certain milestones as a business while continuing to offer excellent services. Thank you for your trust and support. We are professionals – for us and for you!

Our Customer Guarantee & Testimonials


We have been using Cleandeer services for the last year. We are very pleased and happy to recommend them

Jane Coles – Office manager, G2 Energy, Olney

We have been using Cleandeer for a year now and are more than impressed with the services we receive from them. Our daily cleaning routines is carried out to a very high standard. Nothing is too much trouble to them. We would have no hesitation in recommending Cleandeer to anyone looking for an excellent reliable cleaning company.

Alison Lockhead, Opeartions Manager, FCC Environment, Bletchley, Milton Keynes

Cleandeer have been our cleaners now for two years. We are happy with the standards of work and they excellent communication.  Any problems that arise are immediately dealt with and completed on the next visit. We would recommend them to anyone.

Maria Stone
Head of Accounts

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Joanna is an animal lover. She likes long journeys but also enjoys time with family at home.
One of two co-funders of CLEANDEER takes care of relations with clients as well as expanding the range of our operations. She successfully uses her leadership abilities to build strong and motivated team and you can see it from the results in positive effects of work of the whole company.
Gosia always wants more from live. She admires art and symmetry. Second of two co-funders. She is Admin Manager in CLEANDEER- takes care of the paper work and looks for new ways of development at the same time. Innovations are the daily bread to her. She has proven many times that she can get the company to the higher level which results in clients comfort as well as offering higher service quality without need of increasing prices.
Adriangraphic designer
Adrian is passionate about graphics, photography and videos. He is the WebMaster in the company- makes sure that everything about company’s image on all the commercial materials is perfect. He also takes care of the company’s website and social media.