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With our service your house can be clean ALWAYS.

We know today’s world has more challenges and traffic in the cities successfully shortens our time we could spend on doing something else. We are CLEANDEER and we are here to help. Thank to our service you will gain the time that you can spend on doing what you love. We offer one-off as well as regular cleaning. We do respect your preferences and that is why we will conform to the conditions you propose. Cleaning while you are out once, twice a week or maybe more often. You know exactly what service you require- we can only advise what we think will be the best for you and offer additional services for the most demanding clients and all of this for very competitive price. You like it clean but do not have time? Contact us now. We recommend checking the existing packages we offer. If you have different needs we are more then happy to hear from you as we are sure we can find the best solution for you too.