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Your car is already a few years old however it is still waiting for a proper deep clean – now with our service it is possible. Thanks to our professional cleanings equipment the interior of your car will once again smell like new. Sometimes there is no need to purchase a new vehicle, but a lot can be achieved with a proper deep-clean of the car. Unfortunately the industrial machines used by most places will not remove all of the dirt and dust. Our experience and precision will make you fall in love with our services. Order today a deep-clean of your vehicle and enjoy tomorrow new comfort when driving your car.

If you are considering selling your vehicle it may be good to think about having your car properly prepared, as a clean car will catch the attention of many more customers who will want to buy it from you immediately. Nobody likes dirt and thanks to having your car professionally cleaned you will increase the value of your beloved vehicle. Pre-sale cleaning is a common approach used by many car dealers – this time you will not have to haggle about the sale price of your car as you can have it properly prepared.

As part of our offer we also include professional vehicle cleaning services directed at small and medium-sized organisations. No matter of the size of your company we will assist you with regular cleaning of your company cars. We offer flexible hours and guarantee a job well done. We will assist you with both passenger as well as delivery vehicles – remember that working in clean environments is much more effective and it also represents your company. Take care of both your cleanliness and your pocket at the same time.