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Domestic Cleaning

Utilising regular cleaning services will give you more free time, which each of us lacks nowadays. Thanks to Cleandeer, cleaning means pleasure as we will arrive on time and clean the property for you so that you can enjoy a tidy home or office. Full satisfaction of our clients is our main goal – we do not accept any limitations and each day is for us a new, clean challenge. Try Cleandeer today and enjoy your clean interior tomorrow.

First impression counts a lot. We will therefore ensure that your office is always clean and ready to accept new clients. We offer regular office cleaning services, no matter the size. Thanks to many years of experience we are able to work efficiently which will benefit your company in a positive way. We offer traditional cleaning services, however we are also open to your suggestions. Once and for all forget about unreliable cleaning companies and book a trial session with us!

Office cleaning
After builders cleaning

If you have ever had to deal with any type of renovations you do know the amount of cleaning that is required afterwards. We offer professional cleaning services after renovations where the quality of the work completed is so important. We offer this service to both private clients who wish to live in a fresh and clean property straight after the renovations, as well as to building companies as part of their services. We highly recommend that you acquaint yourself with our references.

A clean carpet is a carpet that mainly looks good. However carpets are where a variety of dust mites are hidden. Cleandeer offers professional carpet cleaning equipment thanks to which you will feel as if your carpets have just been fitted. Do you remember the feel of walking over clean carpets – it is a wonderful feeling. We highly recommend that you try out our professional carpet cleaning services.

Carpet cleaning
Car cleaning

A clean and fresh smelling car simply wants to be driven. Unfortunately long distance journeys, spilled drinks and food can seriously damage the upholstery. We will help you with this issue without any problems. Now, thanks to Cleandeer, you can enjoy a vehicle which internally looks as if it has just left the dealership. We offer professional equipment which allows us to achieve excellent results. Our vehicle cleaning services are targeted at both private clients who wish to refresh their personal cars, as well as organisations for which a good impression and cleanliness are of the utmost importance. We are here to offer you convenience and reliability which is why we can clean a vehicle at whichever location is convenient to you.